How it Works

Get Registered & Create Campaign

Individuals seeking funding register and create their fundraiser campaign on our platform. The registration process is easy and free. You can get started here. You also have the option to create a personalized URL so individuals can more easily find you.

HINT: The shorter your Personalized URL is the better. is better than

All of our successful fundraisers have done extensive planning and preparation for their campaign in order to have a positive campaign outcome.

Campaign Approval

Once launched the platform screens your fundraiser to ensure it meets all approved criteria for funding.

Campaign goes Live

The campaign is NOW visible to the public online via the platform. The public are presented with a description of the project (typically accompanied by a video or image), the funding target, the time frame to reach this target, the amount of funding the project has already received, campaign announcements, links to facebook and twitter.

People Pledge & Share

For a limited time the public can pledge money to your campaign. As patrons pledge they will also have the opportunity to create an inspirational card that will be included with their donation.

After you have made a donation you can share your experience on facebook and twitter. As the campaign manager you can post updates to the campaign and let your community know how the campaign is progressing and encourage people to share your PURL (Personalized URL or web address) on facebook and twitter.

Campaign Completed

Once the campaign is over, the campaign manager can transfer all of the funds generated, to the bank account they used to setup their fundraiser. All of the inspirations cards are printed and sent to the campaign manager.